Hero Fleet Homes

We  aspire to be master builders. As such, we spend quality time and energy building the foundation of Hero Fleet Homes that will be prospering for generations to come.

Hero Fleet Homes



We undertake our assignments with zeal, sincerity, professionalism and the need to make every project count as far as excellence and innovation is concerned. We undertake the design journey with our clients as our ultimate partner.


As experience contractors and project managers in Ghana’s construction sector, we have tried and tested various construction methodologies from small to large scale projects for our Ghanaian and international clients.We specializes in commercial, retail, industrial, government and residential construction.We provide expert advice and management related to all construction and engineering projects.

Civil Engineering

Civil works encompass a large field and as a multi-disciplined construction company, Hero Fleet Homes has many years of experience in the successful execution of earthwork and concrete works. From upgrading parking lots to a concrete pavement, to the construction of various multi-storey office blocks, warehouses, factories, to the erection of portal structure’s and the state of the art workshops, to name but a few.

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